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Driver prospects: Service providers may be hiring!

If you are interested in employment as a driver, service providers may be hiring. Service providers are independent businesses that contract with FedEx Ground to provide package pickup, delivery and transportation services. FedEx Ground does not offer employment opportunities for drivers.

To share your contact information with service providers, you may submit a profile on this site. The information you provide will be made accessible to independent, third-party businesses that contract with FedEx Ground to provide services.

By completing a profile, you authorize access to the information you provide to these service providers. These businesses may use this information to contact you directly to discuss employment opportunities. By submitting a profile, you also acknowledge, understand and agree that you are not applying for employment with FedEx Ground.

Submit Your Profile Now

If you are an entrepreneur or business owner interested in service provider contracting opportunities with FedEx Ground, please visit

About service providers

Service providers provide two types of services to FedEx Ground and its customers:

Service providers purchase or lease their own vehicles and are responsible for hiring and training drivers and staff, and planning and executing their day-to-day P&D or linehaul operations. More information about service providers can be found on